Bitcoin is a digital psychedelic

“Psychedelics are illegal not because a loving government is concerned that you may jump out of a third story window. Psychedelics are illegal because they dissolve opinion structures and culturally laid down models of behaviour and information processing. They open you up to the possibility that everything you know is wrong.”

― Terence McKenna

Psychedelics comes from a Greek word s ψυχή psychḗ ‘soul, mind’ and δηλείν dēleín ‘to manifest’ or it can be summed up as “mind-manifesting”. The word itself is self-explanatory, anyone who engages in psychedelics will have a profound experience that can alter their mind and perceptions.

Psychedelic experience can’t be taken lightly. This experience, which people called a “trip”, is actually a journey to experience the world with heightened sensations (either from visual, touch, smell, sound, taste). This trip is so profound, many reported that it changed their life. How can this happen?

Usually, someone who is experiencing a life-changing trip will be facing their own illusion. In our daily life, we sometimes forget or deny these illusions. Maybe it is an illusion that no one loves us, so we sabotage our relationship. Or an illusion that we don’t love ourselves, so we continuously indulge in self-harming habits like smoking, drinking alcohol, etc. illusion is something that fooled us, something that we don’t want to see, and usually, a lie that we keep telling ourselves and to keep us away from being happy.

On a psychedelic trip, sometimes you will face these illusions or negative thought loops. You can’t turn your back on these illusions. You have to face it. You have to understand what these illusions have done to you, what are the consequences, and what is the path leads you to. Perhaps you have an illusion that no one loves you, you understand that you keep sabotaging your relationship because you don’t love yourself, and you will realize that if you continue on this path, you will die alone. To get rid of the illusion, the person should come back to love. Because love is the strongest force in this world.

A person who can return to the state of love will continue their trip in a blissful state. And sometimes, it will change their perspective or even their life entirely. This is why psychedelics have been used to treat people with clinical depression and PTSD.

Bitcoin is a psychedelics

It’s not hard to imagine if Bitcoin can be considered a psychedelic, the network that Bitcoin uses resembles the network of funghi or magic mushroom, called mycelium. You can read the correlation between bitcoin and funghi in the in-depth explanation from Brandon Quittem “Bitcoin is The Mycelium of Money“. According to Quittem, bitcoin is a decentralized organism, just like magic mushroom. Bitcoin does not have a centralized brain, instead, it thrived through a root network called mycelium. This network constantly feeds and evolves based on their surrounding environment. Just like Bitcoin, there is no centralized brain. In Bitcoin, all we know is the network that acts as an apex predator. Bitcoin absorbs, learn and adapt from its surrounding environment. Because of this characteristic, it is almost impossible to kill mycelium, and it is almost impossible to kill the Bitcoin network.

Psychedelics, like magic mushrooms, contain psilocybin that upon ingestion can create a mind-altering experience. Psilocybin can change someone’s perception, distorted sense of time, and perceived a spiritual experience. Even though Bitcoin does not have a chemical compound (so far in its evolution), but “ingesting” bitcoin orange pill can somewhat provide the same kind of psychedelic experience.

Someone who has taken the bitcoin orange-pill will have their mind altered. We have been living in a constant bad trip inside of a fiat world. The fiat world is filled with illusions. It conditioned us to obey, conform and consume, every aspect of our life. The fiat world wants us to watch TV and stay asleep. Nothing can describe it better than “They Live” a movie from 1988. Funny enough in the movie, Nada’s sunglasses is called the Hoffmann Glasses — taken from Albert Hoffmann, the first person who synthesized lysergic acid (LSD), a psychedelic substance.

They Live (1988)

Once you started going down to the Bitcoin rabbit hole, you will see the world as if you are using Hoffmann Glasses. You know that our current lifestyle is designed to keep this fiat system continue. And like on a psychedelic trip, once you see it, it’s almost impossible to ignore it. You have to face the truth that the fiat system ruins our society, relationships, and health. And bitcoin provides a wake-up call, just like psychedelics — it’s time to change and tune in.

People who have experienced the Bitcoin psychedelic will start observing what is around them, what is wrong with this world and how to fix it. They will also experience time differently. Psychedelic distorted time, sometimes four minutes can feel like an eternity. Bitcoin undistorted our time preference as well, we are so used to operating in high preference time, we want to get an immediate benefit and discounted the future. Bitcoin makes us think more about our future, it changed our time preference into low time preference, our action is for the benefit of us in the future. Most of the bitcoiners have a positive outlook on their future, they are more optimistic to start a family and building a community.

Psychedelics also known for dissolving the ego, people will tend to lose the concept of “I”, individuality doesn’t matter. Somehow Bitcoin also has the same effect, people who have journeyed on a bitcoin trip tend to think and associate themselves as a group of plebs, working together for the same goal. This is why I know so many bitcoiners are psychonauts. It’s easier to understand what is wrong with this world after you take psychedelics and it is even more clearer to see the red thread once you go down to the bitcoin rabbit hole.

Taking psychedelics needs courage, it’s not an easy task. Once you are having a bad trip, it gets super real. When you are having a bad trip, the only way out is to understand that the answer for everything is love: love to yourself, love to others. Bitcoin takes us on a similar journey, some people can consider bitcoin volatility is like a bad trip, it tests us as human beings, whether we succumb to fear or we thrive with conviction. But in the end, the act of holding bitcoin is love: love to ourselves, love to our family and love to our future. @Americanhodl3 spoke about this so eloquently in this clip below.

The struggle of Psychedelics

Despite its amazing properties and also has the ability to cure people, many psychedelics have been listed as scheduled 1 substance by the DEA (Drugs Enforcement Agency). More dangerous than Opium that is listed on schedule 2. Based on WHO data, about 500,000 deaths are attributable to drug use. More than 70% of these deaths are related to opioids.

The war on drugs is more about a war on consciousness. The War on Drugs was announced in 1971, coincidentally the same year when the US no longer pegged their dollar with gold. The drugs were so horrible for society because for the first time in history people stood up against their government and refuse to go to war.

Bitcoin also faces a similar war, instead of the war on drugs we are currently witnessing the war on currencies. Since the dollar is slowly losing its status quo, the world is dividing itself into the ones who are choosing bitcoin and the ones who are choosing fiat. One provides a fair monetary system, and the other is not. One provides opportunities for your future, the other steals from you. Which one do you want to choose?

Final words

And last note, if you are currently journeying on a bitcoin psychedelic, Timothy Leary, a famous psychonaut has a powerful framework. Timothy Leary’s famous slogan “Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out” can be implemented on how to navigate the bitcoin psychedelics.

“Turn On” is meant to go activate your neural and genetic equipment, be sensitive to many levels of consciousness and layers of bitcoin: cryptography, thermodynamics, economics, politics, distributed systems, etc.

“Tune in” is meant to interact harmoniously with the world around you: express your unique perspective about bitcoin, externalize and materialize it, build a bitcoin community around you.

“Drop out” means to detach yourself from the fiat world, stack sats hard, Hodl, slowly transition your way to the bitcoin standard, use bitcoin as a unit of account.

Bon Voyage, have a pleasant trip and remember “all you need is love” my friend.